Green Chicken Curry

The legendary gaeng keow wan. A hot curry made with coconut milk, Thai aubergines, Thai herbs and sweet basil. A classic.

Roast Pork with Rice

Thais love this dish with its sweet red sauce. The picture also shows Thai sausage on the plate which is not served as standard on the menu.

Vegetable Pad Thai

Another well-known dish. Thick rice noodles with vegetables in a sauce. Done properly it should taste sweet, sour and spicy. The sourness comes from tamarind.

Our Covid-19 Opening Update

THE PUB IS BACK! Pub lunches, date nights and after work drinks, it’s been a year of lost moments. So, say goodbye to the video calls, catch up TV and loungewear. Dig out those glad rags because it’s nearly time to raise a glass, together at last! What are you waiting for? Book ahead for a guaranteed table… Call us for further information 01223 77 88 71